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Wash & Detail

Improve the Value of Your Vehicle

Auto Detailing in Kosciusko, MS

Present your vehicle in the best possible fashion with an automotive detailing service at Central Tire Service. Whether you're selling your car or giving a ride to a high profile business client, you need to set the best impression.

At Central Tire Service, our qualified technicians thoroughly clean your interior and exterior, including hard-to-reach and frequently forgotten areas you may miss at home.

Save time and let our wash and detail technicians restore a clean appearance to your car, truck, or SUV.  We serve Kosciusko, MS, Carthage, MS, Durant, MS, and surrounding areas.

Call (662) 289-1998 to consult with a member of our staff today.

3 Excellent Reasons to Detail Your Car

A detailing service is valuable for more than one reason, including:

    Save Time: Your vehicle is complex with many crevices that are difficult to clean or all too easy to forget. Detailing technicians know cars inside and out. They're also equipped with the proper tools and cleaning supplies. Save your valuable free time and leave your vehicle to our pros.

    Make More Money: When you're looking to sell your vehicle fast and for the best price, you need to ensure it's attractive to potential buyers. A clean interior and exterior looks great and justifies a higher markup compared to an unkempt car.

    Create a Better Impression: Create the best impression with a date, your friends, your family, business partners, and anyone who rides in your vehicle. A clean car looks professional.

Detailing is more important than you might realize. When you're tired of driving a messy car around, contact the team at Central Tire Service Call (662) 289-1998 or contact us online for more information on detailing services and pricing.

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